5 reasons to consider decorative aggregates in your next garden project.

As you hopefully already know, we have a huge range of decorative aggregates in stock, including local products from Balmoral, Cairngorms, Kemnay, Peterhead and Skye.

To keep costs low and the quality high, we buy in bulk and bag them ourselves in our GPH bags, and we can deliver in bulk to wherever our  customers need them in the North East. However we also have them pre-bagged and ready to buy for smaller DIY projects.

If you haven’t already used decorative aggregates, here are just a few reasons why they are worth considering for your next outdoors project:

  • Cost-effective – Aggregates are cheaper, especially when they are locally sourced. And when they are locally sourced, they are more environmentally friendly as they haven’t had to travel far.
  • Time saving – They require less maintenance then many other garden products
  • Drainage – They have great drainage properties which can in turn help to protect your plants.
  • Flexible – You can be creative with them, and use them in lots of different parts of your garden, including paths, driveways, and ponds.
  • Durable – they are weather resistant, and their colour doesn’t fade


To find out more about our incredible range of aggregates and complimentary materials, and to talk with our experts, you can call us on 0344 355 0521 or come and visit us in Ellon, Inverurie, Stonehaven, or Westhill.