The power of Diamond Cutting Blades: they’re a cut above the rest!

Diamonds are synonymous with quality, strength and power. But did you know that this precious stone is used in the production of some of the most powerful and reliable circular saw blades available on the market? Ox Groupis a world-leading manufacturer of hand tools, diamond tools and safety products – they pride themselves on making tough jobs easier with their wide range of products for every job.

The Spectrum Diamond Tool range was developed in 1992 and is recognised at the forefront of diamond tool technology. Developed and proven in Australia over the past 43 years, their tools are recognised across the world as being tough, dynamic and dependable. They currently manufacture four different levels of blades: from the Standard Series (for the cost-conscious user) to the Trade Series, Pro Series and Ultimate Series (where only the very best will do) as well as floorsaw blades and specialist blades.

GPH Builders Merchants stock a large selection of these blades with their most popular products being the Spectrum Maestro General Purpose Diamond Blade, Spectrum Superior Supercut Diamond Blade and the Spectrum Ultimate Diamond Blade.

With so many blades to choose from, how do you know which blade is right for the particular job at hand? Well, it’s easier than you think because each blade has been developed for a specific purpose and have been split into different classifications and are available in a range of diameters.

X-class (Universal Hard)

For hard materials, metal, fast cutting universal, hard natural stone, clay products and engineering bricks.

CX-class (Concrete)

For concrete & concrete products, general purpose use, unabrasive products and building products.

CA-class (Abrasive)

For abrasive materials, concrete & asphalt, dual purpose, concrete products and concrete roof tiles.

A-class (Asphalt)

For asphalt & extremely abrasive products, cement screed and lignacite block.

The specialist blades incorporate everything from mortar ranking blades, ceramic and stone tiling blades, cup grinders to blades for cutting through wood, aluminium, plastic, laminate and PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) fibre cement.

Diamond blades can be used for lots of different applications from slicing, dicing and wafering to grooving, cross-sectioning and rough cutting. It’s important for the user to understand the subtle differences between diamond blade types, their intended application and their effect on performance.

Ox Group’s Technical Manager, Dave Symons said: ‘We pride ourselves on offering the complete diamond tool range for every application and price requirement. There’s no need to look outside our extensive range – we cover every option!

Only the finest quality of a diamond is used in the production of our products. State of the art laser technology is used for ultimate performance and safety and blade cores are made of the highest quality steel, precision engineered, ground and hardened. Quality is our priority and as we say, the proof is in the cut’!