What are the main features of Fyfestone walling solutions?

Breedon Fyfestone is one of the largest manufacturers of architectural masonry and walling solutions within the UK construction industry. As an environmentally responsible producer, they have become an established name for providing masonry and walling solutions within the housing and domestic market.

Manufactured in Kemnay Quarry (just a few miles from Inverurie), Fyfestone is a reconstituted stone which looks like a natural stone product like granite. It’s the most economical alternative to natural stone and requires minimum maintenance.

The history of Kemnay Quarry

Kemnay Quarry is a well-known historical source of Aberdeenshire granite and even though the quarry is now closed, the Fyfestone factory remains there. One of the last projects to include Kemnay Granite was the Scottish Parliament building.

Kemnay granite is world renowned and examples can be found on most of the bridges over the River Thames, Kew Putney and Vauxhall to name but a few. When you consider iconic buildings, the Royal Liver Building in Liverpool and the second largest granite building in the world, Marischal College in Aberdeen are both built from Kemnay.

The Thames embankment also features Kemnay granite and at one time there were two boats running constantly from Aberdeen to London delivering granite.

Why choose Fyfestone?

Historically, homes in the North East of Scotland were built with Fyfestone but in recent years other products have become more popular with modern day architects. Locally, Fyfestone has been used for both Talisman House (Holburn St) and Morrisons (King St) in Aberdeen.

It’s worth appreciating that Fyfestone products are recognised for their quality and are both highly durable and colour resistant. The proven ‘whole life’ weathering benefits of Breedon Fyfestone ensures an excellent finish and appearance throughout its’ lifespan.

Fyfestone is hydraulically pressed, meaning that there are approximately 400 tonnes of compaction force going onto each parent unit to deliver a very dense and incredibly durable masonry product.

As a result of this manufacturing method, the water absorption is very low and the lifetime of the product exceptionally long. Some of the earliest Fyfestone produced was recently power washed and returned to its original condition after 60 years!

Fyfestone is created from a homogeneous mix, so if the product requires dressing on site or the surface becomes damaged during its lifetime the material underneath the surface is the same and not just a superficial layer.

Here are some other reasons to consider using Fyfestone:

  • The course heights and regional stone colours allow greater flexibility for the regional developer, builder and self-builder
  • The range includes a contemporary range of products suitable for all walling applications including garden walling, landscaping, conservatory bases, extensions and housing developments.
  • The range is specified and used by architects and design and build contractors for a wide variety of commercial building projects.
  • The range is highly aesthetic and replicates many of the colours and textures found in natural stone walling throughout the UK market.

Elite products provide a reconstructed walling range to suit any building application: available in 14 colours (including rust, mink, balmoral red, grey pearl and slate) and 4 finishes. Available finishes include: Split, Tumbled, Bullnosed, Pitched, Polished, Textured and Fairfaced.

More about The Breedon Fyfestone Elite range

Elite Bullnosed

A sustainable reconstructed stone walling range with the inherent beauty of fine-grained free stone walling.

Elite Pitched

Lightly hand dressed to give an accentuated, but stable convex appearance block for the perfect alternative to natural stone

Elite Split

Simple split finish and subtly blended shades faithfully reproduce the traditional dressed appearance of natural rustic stone and sandstone masonry.

Elite Tumbled

A rugged finish gives Elite Tumbled a beautiful worn, weathered appearance typical to traditional stone areas.

Fyfestone also manufacture a range of premier facing bricks which offer accuracy of size, high strength and overall aesthetics. Premier facing bricks are available in smooth and textured finishes and the following colours: teak, chestnut, coral, barley, slate and silver.

Managing Director, Grant Shewan said: ‘We work closely with Breedon in stocking their dense concrete blocks, bricks and wide range of Fyfestone product. There is a limited amount of manufacturing of building materials still taking place in North East of Scotland, so we actively promote Fyfestone to support keeping quality materials being produced locally’.