Is your lawn just not cutting it? GPH can help!

These days, people seem to have a huge sense of pride for DIY projects inside the home, but we believe this should also extend to any external garden space.

One of the easiest and most popular ways to revamp your garden is to switch to artificial grass. GPH are proud suppliers of Artificial Grass, suitable for both domestic and commercial landscaping applications. Artificial Grass has established itself as the artificial grass of choice for the independent builder’s merchants industry thanks to their ongoing investment in product development.

To complement this ongoing investment and give customers a bigger choice, GPH has now increased the amount of stock they have of artificial grass, which now incorporates 2m wide rolls, rather than just the standard 4m wide rolls.

Westhill Branch Manager Robert Clubb had this to say: ‘Artificial grass has become a trendy and highly sought-after product and since we started selling the product a year ago, we sell a lot of it at my branch.

Lots of tradesmen buy it but equally, lots of customers are now opting for the artificial grass option over seeded grass – simply because you get instant results! It can take months to see the fruits of your labour with traditional seeded grass. It can be a very labour intensive process.

We can cut the grass to size and with the addition of the 2m wide rolls, we can now offer a lot more flexibility for customers plus there’s less waste because we can cut to size more accurately’.

Westhill has a large quantity of Artificial Grass in stock but you can also order from the Inverurie, Stonehaven or Ellon branch.

More and more people are ditching their lawn mowers as artificial grass products are well suited to today’s modern busy lifestyle and with weekend time a premium for the majority of families, the last thing you want is wasting valuable time mowing your lawn.

Here are some benefits of installing artificial grass in your garden:

Great for Dog Lovers

If you have a dog, you will want to ensure you pick the most appropriate artificial grass. There is a common misconception that animals and fake grass don’t work well together but in fact, this is false. Dog owners in particular will benefit, as canine urine – that can damage other surfaces – can be easily washed off. Artificial Grass provide products such asPoopClenz and  PeeClenz, which sanitizes and deodorizes your lawn.

Children and babies

Of course, it may not only be pets that you need to consider when you are choosing artificial grass. If you have children, you will want the garden to be a safe and durable area for them to play, without affecting the appearance of the garden. If a child falls or trips they will land on a softer surface to help prevent injuries. It’s also great for any children with allergies as it doesn’t give off any pollen.

Looks Good all Year Round

Artificial grass means a stunningly bright green lawn – all year round. The grass will stay soft and undamaged, even in the worst of winter and in the height of summer.

Low Maintenance

When you install your new plastic grass it will look clean and neat. In comparison to genuine grass, very little maintenance is required to keep your garden looking in order, and it takes very little effort to keep it that way. All that is required is to:

  • Brush the Grass
  • Rake any Leaves
  • Rinse with a Hose

In terms of financial investment, undertaking a DIY project on a synthetic lawn is a much better choice as you’ll save money on mowing, pesticides, feeding and seeding. And because it’s also long-lasting; you’ll be making a valuable investment in yourself, by saving time!