The rise of silicone rendering

What is rendering and why has it become so popular?

Rendering, when applied to the construction or renovation of buildings, refers to the application of cement to external brick or concrete walls in order to achieve a smooth or deliberately textured surface. It’s a similar process to plastering internal walls but instead, it’s done outside or externally.

Render has become an increasingly popular choice among both existing and prospective homeowners. It’s a great way to easily update the look of an old home or create a sleek and modern look for a new build.

So why should you render a property?

There a few very good reasons which include:

It looks great!

One of the main reasons for rendering a property is to improve the look. Adding a render could give your property a complete facelift. Back in the 70s, the process was often associated with pebbledash, but nowadays the standard is usually a white smooth render or you can choose from a wide range of colours.

It stops penetrating damp

Another reason people choose to render their homes is to deal with water ingress and penetrating damp issues. Some forms of brick, especially in exposed areas, can be liable to damp if exposed to the elements over a prolonged period of time. Adding a layer of render to the outside wall of the home blocks the path of water into the property and prevents this form of damp from occurring.

It improves thermal performance

Rendering your property will provide a slight insulating effect of its own, but if you are rendering, it is a great time to consider full external insulation.

External solid wall insulation is an expensive job – but so is rendering, and if you are putting scaffolding up and getting a contractor to render, this is the best and cheapest time to look as external insulation, You could be eligible for various grants that are available for insulation, but not for rendering.

Why choose K Rend?

GPH Builders Merchants stock a range of products from K Rend including:

Silicone K1: Silicone Scraped Texture

Silicone K1 incorporates silicone technology. It’s suitable for use with most render spray machines and larger projects where the speed of the machine applications can offer time-saving benefits. Also suitable for hand application.

Standard UF Base

A high-quality general-purpose sprayable base coat with excellent workability qualities, designed to be used over block work as a primary coat for K Rend finishes. It’s ideal as the background for thin coat acrylic finishes.

Silicone Roughcast

Silicone Roughcast incorporates silicone technology to give excellent water resistant qualities. It’s applied over a Silicone Dash Receiver.

K Rend K Pro

This is a water-based protective treatment used to provide long-term, enhanced water repellent properties to external render and other masonry surfaces.

Superior Silicone Technology

The K Rend manufacturing plant has some of the most advanced production facilities in Europe. It was designed with the environment, customers and future growth in mind.

The K Rend silicone range incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system. This silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellency to the render surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render allowing the substrate to breathe.

The water-repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period. The finish is drier and thus more resistant to algae growth and the natural phenomenon of lime bloom.

Benefits include:

• Water Repellent

• Low Maintenance

• Allows Structure To Breathe

• Natural Looking Finish

• Extensive Colour Range

Rendering is a traditional craft that has evolved over many centuries. The introduction of cement into the building industry has meant that durable mortars could be manufactured and this has resulted in weather-resistant renders. Through the years technological advances have aided the development of cutting-edge render systems that aim to improve the longevity of a buildings structural capacity. The finished result can look stunning.

What colour would you choose? Try out the K Rend colour swatch simulator