Have you used GPH for your aggregates? We have everything you’re looking for

Aggregates is a broad term that covers granular materials used in construction, such as sand, grit, gravel, limestone and granite right through to decorative stone and chippings. Decorative aggregates have become really popular in recent years, not only because of the vast choice available but because they can be used in multiple ways.

There are no specific rules on how decorative aggregates should be used although some are more suited to heavy trafficking than others. You can use them to create everything from footpaths, planting borders, driveways, water features, rockeries and general landscaping.

At GPH, we champion the use of local decorative aggregates, the North East of Scotland has a huge variety of high quality decorative stone, such as;

  • Traditional North East Grey Granite
  • Unique Red Granite Aggregate
  • Crushed Sandstone
  • Light Pink Aggregate
  • Blue Crushed Aggregate
  • Scottish Cobbles or Pebbles

Did you know GPH have aggregate bays in our Inverurie, Westhill and Stonehaven branches where tradesmen or DIY customers can come and collect small quantities of aggregates in small trailers or pickups? Or we can deliver small quantities to your door.

GPH can supply, from our bays:

Building or soft sand

  • What is it? Sand is an essential component when it comes to mixing mortars.
  • What’s it used for? Mix with cement and water to may brick laying mortar.

Sharp Sand

  • What is it? Sharp sand is a general purpose sand.
  • What’s it used for? Used mainly for external fine concrete work, , lawn top dressing, slab laying and internal floor screeds.

Type 1 Sub-base

  • What is it? A graded aggregate from certified sources, typically crushed stone.
  • What’s it used for? Used for high quality paths and is most commonly used as a granular sub based for building paths.

20mm Grey Decorative Aggregate/Red Decorative Aggregate

  • What is it? Decorative stones/chippings/pebbles
  • What’s it used for? They can be used to enhance and brighten up any landscaping project.

0-20mm Concrete Mix

  • What is it? Blend of sand and gravel
  • What’s it used for? Used with the addition of cement to quickly and effectively produce a concrete mix.

Get on over to GPH

At GPH, you can create your perfect outdoor space and what’s more you can visualise it as GPH have created outdoor landscaping areas which showcase all of the products available. This gives you the opportunity to take a look around at your leisure, get some inspiration and make those all important garden decisions.

Why not pop into your nearest GPH branch and see our selection!