How to avoid frozen and burst pipes

As these winter months set in and temperatures have been plummeting, it’s worth keeping a close eye on your home’s water pipes, because if one of your inlet pipes were to freeze over, there’s a chance it may burst.

But with the help of GPH for all your Plumbing and heating products a little winter prep can help you keep those frozen pipes at bay.


So how can I stop my pipes freezing?


Insulating your pipes and water tanks is one of the best ways to prevent them from freezing. We have a range of insulating products available at all 4 of our Branches.  You can follow some of our helpful tips below

 Using pipe insulations inside and outside the home

Encourage warm air flow and shut out the cold

·  If you have pipes and tanks in unheated loft spaces, open the hatch during icy weather to allow the warm air from downstairs to rise and keep the chill off.

·  If some of your pipes or tanks are located inside cupboards, open the cupboard doors so the air from warmer parts of your home can circulate around them.

· When it’s frosty outside, have the heating set for different times of the day – even if no-one’s home. Or keep the heating on a constant low temperature and increase as needed when you are home.


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