Simple things to build with timber to enhance your outdoor space!

Making the most of any outdoor space you are lucky enough to have has never been more important. Whatever size your garden is, there are 100’s of simple things you can build from our range of timber and timber decking in order to create a fun, functional living space you can relax or socialise in.

We’re focusing on what you can build with timber, because not only is it affordable and in good supply, it is an incredibly sustainable material with a very low carbon footprint.

We’ve done a little internet searching for some simple projects that you could try building yourself, as well as some more complicated ones that might benefit from bringing in the professionals!

How about trying to create one or some of the following:


  • A birdhouse – This is the perfect project if you have smaller pieces of timber lying around. Check out Family Handyman for a great little video that will help you create a haven for nature in your garden.


  • A planter – This is a great project to try building yourself, and Gardner’s World have a great step by step video to highlight what you need, and how to do this. Remember, we stock everything they mention!


A simple garden bench – there are loads of simple examples of benches on the internet, the article below has 28 ideas. If you have a few hours, some power tools, some timber and possibly some stain, you can create extra seating space to enjoy your garden.



  •  Some timber fencing – Why not have a go at building your own fencing with this step-by-step guide on the Homebuilding & Renovating website, which includes a full list of the materials and tools that you’ll need.


  • A gym – this might not have been the first thing you thought of, but check out this story of a couple from Manchester who built their own gym with timber in lockdown,


If one of these projects sounds like something you’d like to try, remember we have the following tools and materials in stock to help get you started:

·         An incredible range of Makita and Stihl power tools

·         Redwood timber decking 

·         Cuprinol and Ronseal paints

·         Screws and adhesives


To talk to our experts about how to tackle one of these projects, and to make sure you have the right tools for the job, call us on 0344 355 0521 or come and visit us in Ellon, Inverurie, Stonehaven, or Westhill.