Laminate Flooring

Step 1 - Underlay

Cover the floor with underlay, joining sheets with tape and trimming around the edges of the room.

Step 2 - Lay laminate boards

Lay the first board into the corner, grooved edge against the wall. Use spacers to leave a gap at the base of the wall for the boards to expand. Clip or slide the next board into the first, placing spacers at regular intervals along the wall.

Step 3 - Cover with rows of boards

At the end of a row a board will most likely have to be cut to size. The excess piece can be used to start the next row and ensure the joins are staggered. Continue laying rows until the gap left is less than the width of a board. 

Step 4 - Cut boards to fit gap

To mark the correct width lay a loose board along the last row, then hold another board flush against the wall and mark along the edge onto the board below. This will give a guide to cut along to fit into the remaining gap.

Step 5 - Finishing touches

Rather than cut the board around architrave, cut the architrave itself at the height of a board, then slide the board under the trim. Attach threshold strips at doorways to give a neat finish.

What you'll need