Step 1 - Prepare the plot

Measure patio area and dig to around 150mm, deep enough to accommodate the sub-base, mortar and slab.

Step 2 - Add sub-base foundation

Fill the plot with sub-base and compact with a compactor plate. Make sure that the base is 100mm deep when compacted.

Step 3 - Lay the slabs

Prepare a 3:1 mortar mix with sharp sand and lay 40mm deep where the first slab will be placed. Gently set the slab into place, tapping with a rubber mallet until level and set about 15mm into the mortar. Repeat for the other slabs, putting spacers between to leave around 10mm for jointing.

Step 4 - Wet the patio

Once all slabs have been placed spray the whole patio with water and leave for at least 24 hours to set.

Step 5 - Fill gaps with jointing mix

Fill the gaps with mortar, cleaning off any excess and ensuring a smooth finish. However setting mortar in heavy rain can be an issue. Proprietary jointing mixes such as Geo-Fix All Weather have been designed to work in place of standard mortar, even if the weather turns.

What you'll need