Tiled Floor

Step 1 - Fix first batten

Lay tiles to the back of the room starting from the entrance, using a spacer between each tile. Upon reaching the opposite wall there should be a gap smaller than the width of a tile left. Fix a wooden batten in place long this line.

Step 2 - Fix second batten

Next lay tiles across the width of the room, ensuring that the gap between the last tile and the wall is the same size on either side, moving all tiles if necessary. Once even, fix a wooden batten to the floor where the last full tile sits and butting against the other batten to create a right-angle.

Step 3 - Lay tiles

Spread a layer of adhesive on the floor around 1m² at a time using a notched trowel. Place the tiles against the battens and push firmly into the adhesive, using a spirit level to ensure they are lying flat. Place spacers between each tile to leave a consistent gap for grouting.

Step 4 - Cut edge tiles to fit

Remove the wooden battens once all full tiles have been laid. Measure and cut tiles to fit in the gaps. It may help to apply adhesive to the cut tiles rather than the floor they will sit on.

Step 5 - Fill the gaps

Mix grout as per manufacturer’s instructions, only making as much as can be worked with before it dries. Spread this between all of the gaps in the tiles. Clean the tiles with a damp sponge as the grout is hardening, making sure not to damage the grout.

What you'll need