Tiled Wall

Step 1 - Fix battens

Always start tiling from the ground up, however floors and skirting boards are often uneven and not a suitable starting point. Fix two wooden battens to the wall at right angles, close to the floor and wall. If the battens are level and plumb then laying the tiles along them will ensure neat rows and columns.

Step 2 - Apply adhesive

Spread tiling adhesive on the wall using a serrated trowel until even with lots of ridged peaks. Apply roughly 1m² at a time, starting at the corner between the battens. This will prevent the adhesive drying out and becoming less effective.

Step 3 - Place tiles

Place the first tile in the corner made by the battens and press firmly against the wall. Continue placing tiles next to and above the first, using spacers to leave a uniform gap for grouting.

Step 4 - Keep it clean

Wipe the front of the tiles with a damp sponge to remove any excess adhesive before it dries. Dried adhesive will become very difficult to clean off or could even stain your tiles.

Step 5 - Cover the area

Repeat adding adhesive and placing tiles until the area is covered. Don't worry about gaps less than a full tile as these will be filled later. Allow the adhesive to dry for at least 12 hours before removing the wooden battens.

Step 6 - Fill the gaps

Measure any remaining gaps and cut tiles to fit. It is usually easier to apply the adhesive to the back of the tiles than the gap at this point. Press firmly into place, remembering to use spacers between tiles.

Step 7 - Grout the tiles

Once all tiles are dry remove the spacers and spread grout into the gaps between tiles. Wipe clean, being careful not to remove the grout from between the tiles, and allow to dry.

What you'll need