Step 1 - Prepare the plot

Plan out lawn area and dig to around 200mm. Turn the soil until it is loose and friable, using a rotovator if necessary. Make sure there are no stones, clumps or weeds.

Step 2 - Compact and level the soil

Lightly compact the soil by walking the length of the plot, then across the breadth. Rake the top of the soil and level off. Repeat compacting and raking until the plot is level. Water the soil and leave for a couple days to settle.

Step 3 - Add fertilizer

Rake topsoil or pre-turfing fertilizer through the soil and level off just before laying turf.

Step 4 - Lay the turves

Lay turf along the longest straight edge of the plot. When a row is completed lay planks across the row to avoid standing on the turf. Lay the next row in a brick laying pattern by staggering joins, trying not to leave any gaps. A piece of turf may need to be cut in half to start and end the row.

Step 5 - Secure the turves

Tamp down the whole area with a rake or piece of wood once all turves have been laid. Fill the joins with soil and compact down.

Step 6 - Keep it watered

Saturate the lawn with water. Continue watering every day until the turf has rooted, then mow on tallest setting. Avoid walking on your new lawn for a couple weeks to allow the roots to establish.

What you'll need