Vinyl Flooring

Step 1 - Prepare the floorboards

Check the floorboards for any protruding screws and tighten or remove. Secure loose floorboards with screws.

Step 2 - Lay hardboard base

Lay flooring-grade hardboard over the whole floor, smooth side up. Staple or nail the boards into place.

Step 3 - Lay vinyl in place

Lay the vinyl sheet on the floor, allowing the overlap to run up the walls. Cut slits at any corners to allow it to sit flat on the floor right up to the edges, then trim around the base of the wall so that no overlap remains.

Step 4 - Apply adhesive

Lift the edges of the vinyl sheet and use spray adhesive to stick it to the hardboard. Ensure the sheet is even and not wrinkled while pressing it down firmly onto the adhesive.

Step 5 - Add finishing touches

Attach threshold strips at doorways to give a neat finish.

What you'll need