Building Sundries

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There are a great many products involved in construction, below are a few essentials which we also stock.

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Toughcourse DPC

Toughcourse Damp Proof Course is designed to prevent moisture and rising damp.

Provides true damp proof protection.

For brick, stone or concrete walls.

Won't crack under low temperature.

Manufactured to BS 6515:84.

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Broadfix Shims

Broadfix Shims are plastic which gives them many advantages over wooden shims.

Rot, water and termite proof.

Won't swell or shrink.

Far higher compressive loads than timber.

High percentage of recycled material.

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Febmix Admix

Febmix Admix is an air entraining plasticiser that replaces lime in brick laying and plastering mortars.

Provides an easy to work consistency.

Prevents shrinkage, cracking and crazing.

Provides a degree of frost resistance.

Conforms fully with BS EN 934-3:2009.

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Cementone Entrainit

Cementone Entrainit Powdered Mortar Plasticiser improves the workability of mortar without the addition of lime.

Removes grittiness from a mortar.

Improves workability and adhesion.

Minimises cracking and crazing.

Reduces water to cement ratio.

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