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Prestressed lintels gain their strength from high tensile wires that are run along their length during manufacture. These wires serve to stress the concrete and distribute loads placed on the lintel. There are two varieties to choose from: composite and non-composite.

Composite Lintels are best used in conjunction with two or more courses of brick/blockwork, so that advantage may be taken of the composite action of the concrete and brickwork together.

Non-Composite Lintels are designed to withstand direct imposed loads. Rafters, wall plates and floor joists may be accommodated as directly imposed loads.

We offer composite and non-composite prestressed lintels from Robeslee Concrete.

Composite Type A
100mm x 70mm

Composite Type B
150mm x 70mm

Non-composite Type C
100mm x 145mm

Non-composite Type K9
100mm x 225mm

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Composite Lintel

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Non-Composite Lintel

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