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Mortar is made by mixing ordinary Portland cement, building sand and water. Typically additives are used to give the mortar enhanced properties, for example adding hydraulic lime will give the mortar more elasticity which increases it's strength and reduces the chances of cracking. Entrainit is a proprietary mortar plasticiser which can be used in place of lime to give the same benefits.

Make sure the temperature isn't going to drop below 5°C while the mortar sets as this will degrade the integrity of the bond. Mortar that has frozen should be discarded, and never apply mortar to frozen bricks.

Step 1 - Make some space

Lay down a large board or sheet on which to mix the mortar. A wheelbarrow or bucket can be used for smaller amounts.

Step 2 - Mix Together

Wet the surface then add the sand, cement and lime and mix together with a shovel. The typical mixture for mortar is one part cement, one part lime and six parts sand (1:1:6). A proprietary plasticiser can be used instead of lime, but always follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Step 3 - Add Water

Create a well in the centre of the mixture and add a small amount of water. Mix through while adding water until the whole mix is damp.

Step 4 - Mix Through

Spread the mixture flat and chop with a shovel to help create a consistent mix.

We stock everything you require to mix mortar. Check out our mortar and concrete calculators to see how much you'll require.

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