Step 1 - Choose fence posts

Use 75mm x 75mm posts for fences below 1.8m, or 100mm x 100mm posts for fences that are 1.8m or higher. Choose posts that are 600mm longer than the height of fence required.

Step 2 - Dig post holes

Dig post holes at 1.8m intervals along the fence-line, measure a wooden batten to 1.8m to use as a measuring guide. Post holes should be 3 times the width of the post and 600mm deep. Pack the bottom of the post holes with sub-base so that the posts have a solid base to sit on.

Step 3 - Position fence posts

Place the first post into the post hole and fill with postfix concrete. Attach support posts to the fence post while it dries and use a spirit level to ensure the post is still vertical. Smooth the concrete and taper away from the post so that rain can run off.

Step 4 - Attach panels

Attach fencing clips to the posts using galvanised clout nails. Attach gravel boards and fence panels between posts using the fencing clips, ensuring the fence panels will sit above the gravel board, at least 100mm from the ground. Most panels are pre-treated against rot and fungal decay however some may need to be treated with a wood preserver.

What you'll need