Decorative Aggregate for your Garden?

What do you call them....?

Chuckies?  Steens?  Gravel?  Chips?  Aggregate?  Pebbles?

Whatever you call them, we have them all!

At GPH Builders Merchants we stock a huge range of decorative aggregates to help transform your garden in a low cost but hugely effective way. 

We champion the use of aggregates sourced from Scotland and in particular the local area. To keep our costs low and the quality high, we buy in bulk and bag ourselves in our own bags where possible. This ensures we sell a clean, consistent sized and well packaged product.

Visit our page to view our wide range of aggregate

Our favourite new products in stock now are;

We can deliver in bulk bags, which can be purchased online or if your project is a little smaller, visit one of our branches and collect in a small bag.

If you need advise or want to discuss your options, email us at


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