GPH to supply volumetric concrete to North East Scotland construction and DIY market

GPH Builders Merchants can offer customers everything they need to build a house or extension. From an enormous range of products to an extensive Plant Hire service (read the Plant Hire blog), they are delighted to now offer a variety of their own SiteMix concrete products.

The choice of GPH SiteMix products can be used for various applications including extensions, conversions and new builds, foundations for kerbs, manholes and fencing, void filling, trench reinstatement and floor screeds. The range will include:

  • GPH Solumn Mix (blinding and mass concrete fill)
  • GPH House Foundation Mix (reinforced trench fill/mass foundations/ strip footings)
  • GPH Flooring Mix (house or garage floor with embedded metal)
  • GPH Drainage Mix (drainage work to give immediate support)
  • GPH Kerblog Mix (kerb bedding and backing)
  • GPH Industrial Mix (wearing surface light industrial)
  • GPH Agricultural Mix (livestock floors and crop stores)

Managing Director, Grant Shewan said: ‘We want to be a one-stop shop for our customers so adding a range of SiteMix products was the next obvious choice in catering for tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts. There are many advantages to using this service because the truck will arrive on site and mix up the exact amount of concrete required. This means you only pay for the quantity of concrete used and there is no wastage on site.

There are also no small load charges, a factor that can make Ready Mix Concrete very expensive, and we can offer a multi-mix delivery’.


The volumetric concrete mixer has separate storage bins for the aggregate, cement and water and once this arrives on site the materials are mixed to give the customer exactly what’s required.

With the onboard computer, this can produce a range of different mixes depending on the customer’s requirements and specification. GPH SiteMix concrete is made with materials which have been tested and conform to the British Standards. Testing can be provided by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) Lab.

Grant continued: ‘We know the arrival of spring means that many people will be starting to plan home and garden DIY projects. And some of these projects, such as building pathways and home extensions, may require the use of concrete.

GPH SiteMix is ideal for smaller domestic projects and it’s guaranteed to save you time and money. We aim to offer customers the biggest choice possible and that’s we are providing across the spectrum for use on houses to industrial to agricultural’.

You can order GPH SiteMix and arrange plant hire at any GPH branch

If you would like to order GPH SiteMix, just drop in or call any GPH branch.

Plant hire is also available at any GPH branch and items can be delivered/collected from all over the North East of Scotland – even at short notice. This includes everything from diggers, dozers and dumpers (from a ton to 8 ton) to screeds and floats.